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Do You Really Want a Briard? - We hope this will answer that majority of your questions about this terrific but challenging breed.

Briard Health - This attempts to give a nice overview of the health concern for Briards

Briards...What's good about 'em...What's bad about "em - This is a links to an interesting website and to a more brief discussion of pros and cons of the Briard.  This website has many excellent discussions about buying a purebred puppy.

The Briard A strong and gentle heart wrapped in fur-This links to an article from the award winning  Canis Major newspaper. Another discussion of the history and general characteristics of the Briard.  Advances have been made in some of the health areas since this article was written and will be discussed elsewhere on this website.

Importance of Socialization---Why? and How? I was going to write my own article on this but realized that this article says it all already.  There is only one point I would change.

Behavioral Development of Puppies and Young Dogs - We believe strongly in current research on Puppy Development and the important principles of puppy  raising.  This article is being updated.  We adhere to current research and ideas in the breeding, raising and placement of our puppies.  This is not "old school" thought;  these principles have withstood research and scrutiny.  While this article is being updated you will find several links to various writings about the important stages of puppy development . We will be happy to answer questions you may have about the ideas.

How to Identify a Good Dog Breeder - We were going to write this article but here it is.....

Spay/Neuter Considerations - Short discussion / Lengthy discussion - Current data reveal that early spay/neuter are not without risk.  We believe in spaying and neutering but only after a dog reaches maturity.  Read these link for more.

Briards and Children - A question posed by many that does not have a short answer.  This article presents many of the aspects of Briards with children that need to be considered. I have successfully raised several Briards with four young children. 

Breeding Healthier Dogs - This article was printed originally in the BCA Dewclaw magazine.  A genetic primer and discussion of applying modern genetic technology to the "art" of breeding.

Crash Course in Canine Coat Color Genetics  -  This is a crash course on the basic coat color genes believed to be at work.  With intensified research in this area--this is apt to be outdated quickly but gives the major genes believed to be at work in creating Briard color (there is still much that we do not quite understand about the subtleties)

Conditioning your Athlete or Your Family Companion - Chris Zink is a foremost authority on this topic.  Viewing her work and her website is a must for anyone who wants up-to-date information on keeping their dog in top condition be it canine athlete or family companion.  Her work is important reading if you want a top performance dog.

[Cryo]-preserving Bitch Fertility - This article was written by request  for a special edition of the Dewclaw magazine on the bitch---I learned some interesting things and hope you will find it interesting also.

Ears - Links to nice help with gluing ears