• Symptoms of Bloat


  • pacing

  • dry heaves

  • drool (it can be thin, thick and ropy, and quite extreme)

  • tender stomach

  • round, taut stomach

  • a tympanic (drum-like) sound when stomach is thumped

  • laying down and rolling

  • depression

  • staggering

  • increased heart rate

  • intermittent panting

  • walking very slowly and painfully with a roached back

  • Maybe none of these--some people just know SOMETHING is WRONG


Risk Factors for Bloat
reports often indicate that the bloat was preceded by a stressful life event

increasing age

having a first-degree relative with GDV

having a faster speed of eating

large volume of food
Especially large volume fed once per day

having a raised food bowl
(yes-this was a "case-controlled" study-some of the dogs had raised bowls and some did not--the ones with raised bowls bloated at least twice as often!)

consumption of dry foods containing fat among the first four ingredients

consumption of dry foods containing citric acid that were also moistened prior to feeding by owners


Factors associated with a Decreased risk of Bloat

Dry foods containing a rendered meat meal with bone among the first four ingredients significantly decreased GDV risk by 53.0%.

owner-perceived personality trait of happiness


Bloat Links

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Papers that can be purchased-discuss GDV surgery 


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