Introducing Cherie and Trevor's babies...
DOB April 26, 2005

CH Aladax's Stole My Heart, HIC
CHIC# 31013
OFA-Hips-Fair FB-1390F24F-PI
Elbows-Normal FB-EL204F24-PI
CSNB - Genetic clear-Optigen
Normal Renal Ultrasound
Normal IVP

Ch. Classique Objet Trouve
OFA-Hips-Good FB-1150G25M-T
Elbows-Normal FB-EL101M25-T
CERF-Normal-#BR-719/2006, 05

Three Days Old...

We sleep...

we eat...

We sleep...

Here is Mr. personality...

One Week Old

We eat some more....

We sleep, but aren't we adorable?


Hooray-we can see and we can hear!

3 weeks
There MAY be some errors as far as who is who but I THINK the looks right

The girls

Pink Girl                                              Purple Girl

Green Girl

And the Boys

      Green Boy                                                            Purple Boy

Blue Boy                                                 Light Blue Boy

Red Boy

          Kinker Boy and his tail

And of course we all still sleep!

4 +  weeks
Hooray--we are in our new puppy pen!!!

These are 4 week plus old puppy pictures

Redford   |   Tille   |   True   |   Goldie   |   Minois