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Second MACH Briard ever

Congratulations to Nona Horsley and Puccini!!!


After years of hard work and dedication they have accomplished this IMPRESSIVE achievement. 


In order to receive a MACH-the team needs 20 "double Qs" and 750 speed points.  A double Q means qualifying (under time) clean (ZERO mistakes) runs in BOTH standard and JWW (Jumpers With Weaves) classes on the same trial day.   (If you have ever run agility you know exactly how hard this REALLY is!!)  Speed points are earned for each second UNDER time in a clear round (you earn double points for 1st place and 1.5 for second place wins.)


Puccini finished with 4 FIRST place runs and Nona thinks she has something like 2300 speed points!!!!    WAY to GO ladies.


Nona says "I have no plans for another MACH, but I would like to let her run as long as she quivers at the start line and as long as I worry that she may break that start. That means she still loves the game." 
For the record---Puccini is 7 years old!!!

Other stats: Puccini is 24 1/4 inches and a little under 60 pounds


 Puccini's sire is our boy Redford and she is a littermate to our Glamour Girl Goldie (who thinks ALL of that sounds like FAR too much work!!)


I (Martine) was co-breeder on this litter with Kathryn Lanam of Classique but I have to say that all the credit goes to NONA and Puccini!!! 






And this, my friends, is how it is done!   Amazing!


From the past!

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