CH Sagi N' Tobi's Underneath It All "Teddy"
OFA-Good FB-1566G26F-PI
Elbows-Normal FB-EL294F26-PI

Wanderlust's Urban Cowboy, CGC, TDI

OFA Hips Good FB-1679G52M-PI
OFA Elbows-Normal

CSNB-Clear by pedigree

Teddy and Hoss are now the proud parents of 9 puppies!!
4 black girls, 2 tawny girls, 1 black boy and 2 tawny boys

6 weeks (mom was at the National so we just got our first trip outside)
It takes a bit to figure out that BIG SCARY step-but we figured it out-aren;t we smart?!!!

Whoo Hoo the big outdoors!

Time to go in, eat, get some tickles, quiet down and take a rest!!!


Three and a half weeks and out first meal!

Two weeks
We have eyes and we have legs (and know how to use them --we think!)

The Girls
Hot Toddy, Missy Moo, Lilo, Pumpkin, Suzie and Daisy

The Boys
Stich, Mr. Black, and Coco Mon

One day



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